How to Request a Make Up in New York

If your student is enrolled in 8 or more consecutive classes and has an excused absence, we will be happy to try and schedule ONE makeup class.

If you intend on missing any classes, notify the office in advance (at least 24 hours) so that we may use your swim slot for a make-up for another student. You may email your intended absence or call our office.

Makeups will only be offered when you give prior notice that you will be absent.  We do not book makeups for unexcused absences.

All make-ups will expire within a month from the day of the missed class.

We will only respond if your request is 3 days (72 hours) or less from the requested make-up class, and best to give at least 12 hours before your desired class. You will receive an email response.

Please read the following carefully:

  • Makeup requests can only be submitted by filling out this form and pressing SEND or emailing the same information (including the swimmer’s name) to
  • Specific instructors or times are not guaranteed for make-ups.

Swimmer's Current Regular Class

Requested Make-Up Class